Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Wardrobe: Black Split-Toe Lace-Ups

On the theory that a guy simply can't have enough black shoes, I have been adding to my collection. These Hugo Boss black split-toe lace-ups arrived this week. Studly-looking shoes!

They are a replacement for a pair of Cole-Haans that are of lesser quality (although perfectly acceptable for weekend wear until the soles go). The Cole-Haans are "corrected grain leather," the kind that looks bright and sort of pre-polished. I'm wearing the Cole-Haans with jeans today and they actually look pretty sharp, but the Bosses are way finer shoes, and I like the elongated styling. On the Cole-Haans, the split line is shorter; the longer split line on the Bosses is more elegant to my eyes.

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